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Collections & Bundles
A Collection is a set of products, related by topic that are sold Bundled together at a discounted rate compared to purchasing each item individually.

Collections We Offer

We offer many Collections of products through the HBR site:

You can view the full listing by clicking on Collections under HBR Store in the site map at the bottom of the page.

Some great examples are The Leading Teams with Emotional Intelligence Collection & The Pocket Mentor Twenty-Five Volume Library: Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges.

English Bundle

An English Bundle is a collection of products/items sold together. A Bundle may be a collection of physical products (hardcover books), physical and digital (hardcover book and pdf of a case study), or digital only products (pdf of a case study and the kindle version of a book, multiple ebooks). Items in a Bundle may be sold individually and/or in other Bundles. Bundles are offered to customers to provide a quick/easy way for customers to find many products at once that are relevant to their business need. Bundles may have discounts or promotions applied to the products in the Bundle as a whole to make the purchase of multiple items more appealing to customers as an upsell.

Are all Collections Bundles? Are all Bundles Collections?

Not all Collections are Bundles, but all Bundles are Collections. We offer Collections such as the Harvard Business Review YEAR: A Year of Management Ideas series which is considered a Collection, but is not an English Bundle.

A Bundle is defined by containing an HBR Press book, whether in hardcover or eBook format. A Bundle has been traditionally defined by containing a shippable item (hardcover book), but we now offer digital only Bundles, which include the eBook version as opposed to the hardcover version.


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