Students Accessing Coursepacks


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Students Accessing Coursepacks

Coursepacks are the delivery method for all eProducts on For a student to access a coursepack, they must first register. Once a student has registered for a coursepack, they do NOT need to follow the coursepack link for subsequent access. The coursepack link must only be followed once to import the coursepack into the student's account.

After import, the student may go directly to and log in. Once logged in, click on Coursepacks (


Next, click on the name of the coursepack whose content you need to access. 


If you have not yet purchased the materials, click 'Purchase Materials' to proceed through the cart and pay for your course materials. 


If you have already purchased the materials, the 'View Document', 'Run Simulation', 'Download Audio' or 'Run Online Course' links will be available to you, depending on the types of products in the coursepack.


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