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Register as HE Individual

If someone is NOT a currently teaching instructor and has NOT been given a coursepack link, an individual may go directly to our registration page and register for free, for Higher Education Individual access. There is NOT a charge for registering and using an HE Individual account to access the site. Charges are only applied if an order for products is placed. Customers with the HE Individual role may purchase our articles, case studies and books, but not our online courses or simulations, as the only method of delivery for the eLearning products is courseplanning.

To register as HE Individual, go to Complete the form. Required fields are marked with an asterick. When you have completed all the required fields, click Submit.


You will be informed the below and need to click 'Login here' to complete your account.

You now have Higher Education Individual access to the Harvard Business Publishing for Educators web site. As a registered user you can:

  • Search for and purchase materials and services
  • Save materials in your Library and organize content in Folders for future reference
  • Set personal shipping and billing information
  • View and update password, email and mailing addresses


Applicants who register for Educator Premium access, but are not currently teaching instructors at institutions of higher learning, will be granted this level of access when their application for Educator Premium access is denied. 

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