HBR.org Website - Registering and Creating a Username and Password



Register on HBR.org

Registering on the HBR.org site is free.

Go to the HBR.org. website. In the upper right-hand side of the screen, click on Register.



Note: When registering on HBR.org

Creating a Username:

Your username is an email address

The primary email address on your account for contact and communication purposes is the same as your username


Be sure to use the required password creation guidelines when establishing a new password.

Forgot Password/Change Password

Select the Forgot Password button- and an email will be sent to email address of record for the account.

Change Password – navigate to the Account Settings page of your account

Change email address/ Change Username

For the HBR.org website- your email address will serve as your username. If you change your email address via the Account Settings page of your account, this will also change your log-in credentials.

Subsequent Sign In activity will require that you use the updated email address as your username to Sign In to the site.

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