Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Live Chat Feature



Thank you for visiting the For Educators website ( which supports the customer experience for Students and Professors 


The HBR website - ( which supports the customer experience of Harvard Business Review magazine subscribers  as well as registered users of the website. 


The Help Key as illustrated below is positioned on both sites to help you search existing common FAQ's for both website experiences.





Note: This Help Search experience is limited to just common FAQ topics - triggered by a brief key word search.

It is not the formal search tool intended to identify the available content on either website.

To search for available content and materials  on either website- be sure to visit the specific website- and engage the Search function at the Site Level.


LIVE CHAT Function

The FAQ results are intended add efficiency and provide opportunities to leverage self service throughout your website experience.

If the FAQ results do not yield an actionable result for you- the HELP button  will then update and provide you a link to engage a LIVE CHAT feature with an agent.


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