Assistant Privileges


This article concerns

Grant Someone Access to Your Account as an Administrative or Teaching Assistant (TA)

TA's can:

  • Access their associated professor's library
  • Create/manage coursepacks in their associated professor's library
  • Purchase materials
  • Send Teaching Notes to their associated professors
  • Manage eProducts
  • Access Educator Copies
  • Access Core Reading Previews

TA's can NOT:

  • Can NOT access their own library. TA's do not have their own libraries. They only access their associated professor libraries
  • Can NOT access Teaching Notes
  • Can NOT access Free Trials
  • Can NOT access spreadsheet supplements

If you are a professor, you can grant someone access to your account to act as your administrative or teaching assistant. This access will allow your assistant to see your Library area, containing all your 'Folders', 'Coursepacks' and 'Free Trials'.


While TA's can see the materials in your account, they cannot access your account details. If the teaching assistant clicks on 'Account Settings' they will not see your account details; they will see their own account details.


While the assistant will see the Teaching Note icon, if they click on it they will NOT be sent a link to the teaching note. They will see a message that states 'A Teaching Note is a comprehensive guide to how to teach a Case, written by the author of the material. A link to this Teaching Note will be emailed to the registered email address for PROFESSOR NAME (PROFESSOR USERNAME).' If they click Submit, the system will send an email to the professor with a link to the teaching note.

A teaching assistant will also see the 'See a Preview' link for eProducts.


Clicking on the link will result in a message that states 'This trial may only be imported by an educator.'


Teaching assistants can successfully view Educator Copies, create coursepacks on behalf of their professors and can click the 'Manage Online Course' or 'Manage Simulation' link and access the administrative screens for eProducts. TA's can NOT access supplemental spreadsheets, either the student or instructor versions.

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