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Share Your Feedback Emails

We encourage educators to give feedback on free trials they have accessed through the 'Share your feedback' process. After a free trial expires, an educator will receive an email from with the subject 'Share your feedback: product title'

Dear Professor NAME,
You recently reviewed a free trial of HBP's product title. Now, I'd like to ask what you thought of the program.
Please share your feedback — it should take less than 2 minutes.
Thanks for your time. Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you in planning for your courses.
Harvard Business Publishing

The 'share your feedback' link leads to the free trial feedback form. Select the radio button that best describes your review of the free trial and click 'Submit'

After clicking 'Submit' you will be notified 'Thank you for submitting your feedback. You will now be transferred to our home page. If you are not redirected within 15 seconds please click here.'

If you do not want to receive emails such as this 'Share your feedback' email, click the 'If you would like to manage your preferences, please click here.' link.

The 'If you would like to manage your preferences, please click here.' link leads to your Subscription Preference Center, allowing you to check the boxes for those emails you do, and uncheck for those you do not, want to receive and then click 'Submit' to save your email preferences.

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