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Hints for Case Teaching Email

Educators may receive an email from HE@academic.hbsp.harvard.edu with the Subject 'Hints for Case Teaching' that leads them to resources centered on the Case Study method.


The email will have the following body:

As a part of the Harvard Business Publishing community of instructors, you have access to resources to help refine your Case discussion leadership skills.

The Teaching Post Community
Connect with other educators teaching with the Case method. Ask questions, give advice. Existing topics include:
Evaluating Student Participation: A Grading Rubric
Be a Demanding Instructor Who Holds High Standards, Without Being a Jerk
Videos, Hints, and Seminars
Video clip: Chalkboard use
Case: Hints for Case Teaching
Upcoming Case teaching seminar dates
See more tips on Case teaching.
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The links in the email lead to a variety of great resources.


The 'If you would like to manage your preferences, please click here.' link leads to your Subscription Preference Center, allowing you to check the boxes for those emails you do, and uncheck for those you do not, want to receive and then click 'Submit' to save your email preferences.


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