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Share Folder with Colleague & Share Coursepack with Colleagues

In the 'Other Coursepack Actions' and 'Other Folder Actions' drop down menus, there are the options to 'Share Coursepack with Colleagues' or 'Share Folder with Colleague'. Non-HBP materials are not included when a coursepack/folder is shared.


If you select this option, you will be given a pop up window into which you may enter the desired recipient's email address and, optionally, a personal message, and then click 'Send' to initiate the email.


After clicking 'Send' for a Folder you will be notified 'These colleagues have been sent an email about the materials.' and need to click 'Ok' to proceed. There is no on screen notification after clicking the 'Send' button for a coursepack. The person to whose email address you entered will receive an email from with the Subject 'Collection Details (course/folder name)' and the message body:


I have created a collection of materials at the Harvard Business Education web site which I want to share with you. This email will provide you with information about the two steps you will now take to view the materials.
Step One: If you have not registered with the Harvard Business Education site, it will be necessary to do so now. Follow this link to register as an educator on the site. Once you have completed the brief registration process, return to this email to access my course-specific link to your materials.
Step Two: Once you have registered on the Harvard Business Education web site, return to this email and follow this link to log in and put the course materials into a folder in your My Library area on the site. For your reference, the material's collection you need are also listed at the end of this email.
For subsequent access to the materials, you will need to log in at
For technical assistance, please contact the Harvard Business Publishing Tech Help line at 1-800-810-8858 or +1-617-783-7700; or email Our business hours are 8 am - 8 pm ET, Monday-Thursday, and 8 am - 7 pm ET on Friday.
Thank you.
Collection Information:
Collection Name: 
Collection URL:
Product Information:
Product #:
Product Format:
Product Title:
Product Type:

When the recipient follows the link in Step Two (after registering and logging in), the coursepack/folder will be automatically imported into their account and available for their immediate access.


While this functionality is intended for Educator Premium type accounts to share coursepacks, an Edu Prem account can share a coursepack with a Materials Admin type account. The coursepack will be coverted into a folder during the sharing process, but once the folder is in the Materials Admin's account, they can then convert it into a coursepack. 

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