See Students Active in Your Coursepack Emails


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See Students Active in Your Coursepack Emails

Educators may receive an email from with the Subject 'See Students Active in Your Coursepack'.

Dear Professor NAME,
Thank you for creating an HBP digital coursepack. At this point in the semester:
# of # students have acquired the coursepack:
At any point, you can see a number of coursepack statistics, including how many students have acquired their course materials. Just go to your coursepack and click on 'Overview.'
View coursepack now.
Reminder: The only way to send students to your coursepack is to use the unique URL on the course details page. You can send this to students or post the link on your LMS:
By using this link, students can directly access course materials at a discounted rate.
Please contact me if I can provide assistance in using our web site or communicating course information to students.

This email is informative and does not require any action on part of the educator.

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