hbsp.harvard.edu Login and Browser Troubleshooting


This article concerns hbsp.harvard.edu

Technical Requirements

hbsp.harvard.edu Login and Browser Troubleshooting

Do you have a strong Internet connection?

  • Hard wire connection to the Internet is best
  • If using Wi-Fi, can you get to other websites quickly?
    • How fast are your search results returned from https://www.google.com/?
      • If your search results return slowly, your Internet connection may be slow and causing connection to our website to time out

What URL are you trying to access?

Have you logged in before?

What is the username with which you're trying to log in?

  • Each username is unique
  • Username cannot have special characters except for @ . - and
  • Username must be greater than 8 and less than 50 characters 
  • It is recommended to use your university email address 
  • It does not have to be an email, but many people do use their email address as their username
  • Your account also has an email address associated to it, to which all site related emails are sent
    • The email address on the account does not have to match the username, even if the username is an email address

Are you getting the 'Invalid username or password. Please try again' message?

  • Is the caps lock on?
    • The username is not case sensitive, but the password is. If you have caps lock on, unless your password is in all caps, your sign in will fail
  • Click the 'Forgot your Username or Password?' link to receive an email with a link to reset your password and log back into the website. Keep in mind it will go to the email address associated to your account.

When was the last time you cleared your history/cleaned your browser?

  • Clearing the cache/history, closing out of all instances of the browser, then opening up a fresh instance of the browser can often resolve issues.
  • This link explains how to clear history: http://forio.com/hbp-support/how-to-cache.html
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