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How do I add an administrative assistant or teaching assistant (TA)? 

To allow someone access to your account in the role of an administrative or teaching assistant, go to and click on 'Sign In Now'. Once logged in, click on 'Account Settings' on the right side of your screen.

Click the 'Manage' link in the 'Manage My Assistants' section.

On the resulting page, enter the email address of the person who needs to become your assistant in the 'To add an assistant, enter assistant's e-mail address' field and click 'Send Request'.

Clicking 'Send Request' will trigger an email with links and instructions to become your teaching assistant to the email address you entered. When you are notified 'Email Sent' you may click 'Cancel' to return to your Library.

The email your assistant receives will have a link to follow and register a new, unique account as your assistant. If they have ever registered before on our site as a student or educator they cannot use that account and must register a new, unique account to become your assistant. If they have created an account of this type before, they may log in with those credentials.

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