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Register as Student & Purchase Coursepack

The only way to register as a student is by following a coursepack link. Your professor must provide you the coursepack link. Coursepack links have the format Please note in a valid coursepack link, COURSE_NUMBER would be replaced by a nine digit number.

Follow the coursepack link you were given and click on 'Register Now'


Fill out the required fields marked with an asterisk and click 'Register'


Click 'Login Here' on the resulting screen to complete your registration and access your coursepack.


If the coursepack was purchased by your institution, the materials will be directly available to you. Cases will have a 'View Document' link and eProducts like simulations will have a 'Run Simulation' link.

View Document Run Simulation
view.png run.png

If you are responsible for paying for the course materials, there will be a 'Purchase Materials' link.


Clicking 'Purchase Materials' will bring you to 'Step 1 Review Order' in the cart. Click 'Next' to proceed.


In 'Step 2 Payment', select your billing address, enter your credit card details and click 'Next'. 


'Step 3 Confirmation' follows. Click 'Place Order'. When your order finishes processing, you will be shown your order number. Click 'Return to Coursepack'. When you return to your coursepack the 'View Document' and/or 'Run Simulation' links will be available to you.

Troubleshooting Error Messages

Access denied. You do not have permission to login

Only Student Role Can Do the Import


If you follow a coursepack link and either encounter error message, you must log out. Now follow the coursepack link again, click 'Register Now' and register a new unique student account to access the coursepack. You may use the same email address during registration, but must create a new, unique username.


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