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Hide Until and Optional icons available in courseplanning

After creating a student pay coursepack and adding items to it, two icons will appear to the right of each product within the coursepack; Hide Until & Optional. Be aware Materials Administrator type accounts do not have the Hide Until & Optional functionality. For institution pay coursepacks, only Hide Until will appear as all the items are purchased by the school and students do not need to chose specific ones to purchase. Be aware an item can only be optional OR hidden; an item can't be both optional and hidden.


  Hide Until Optional
Educator View    

Clicking on Hide Until will give you a calendar pop up from which you may select the date on which the material will become available. The item will become available at 12:01am Eastern on the date you select.

Clicking Optional will check the box next to the word and cause the Save Changes button to appear, which you will need to click to confirm the optional nature of the item.



After clicking on a date to select it, your page will refresh with the date listed next to the calendar icon and a Save Changes button you will need to click to confirm the material availability date you selected. You may change this Hide Until date to an earlier or later date, by clicking on the calendar icon again, until a single student has registered for your coursepack. Once a single student has registered for the coursepack, the Hide Until date may still be changed, but only to a date in the future, based on the current day's date.

After clicking Save Changes the box next to Optional will remain checked alerting you to the optional status of the item.


Student View    

Items for which you have selected a Hide Until date will appear as 'CASE WILL BE REVEALED ON MM/DD/YYYY' for students until the date on which the materials become available, at which time they will display the View Document link.


Items for which you have checked the Optional box will appear with both an Optional label and the price in the student view.


After clicking Purchase Coursepack students may set the quantity for optional items to 0 and click Next to not purchase the item, or set the quantity and 1 and click Next to purchase the item.


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