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Teaching Notes/Facilitator's Guides

A Teaching Note, or Facilitator's Guide, is a comprehensive guide on how to teach a Case or Simulation, written by the author of the material. Instructors registered on our website and authorized with Educator Premium access are allowed free access to digital, watermarked teaching notes and clean, hard copies are available for purchase upon request. For someone to receive Educator Premium access to the site they must be employed as a full educator (not assistant or PhD student) and actively teaching at a degree granting university or institution of higher learning. A professor can receive a copy of a Case's teaching note by clicking the 'Teaching Note' link to the right of the Case Study.

After clicking the 'Teaching Note' link, you will be notified 'A Teaching Note is a comprehensive guide to how to teach a case, written by the author of the material. A link to this Teaching Note will be emailed to your registered email address (XXXXXX-PDF-ENG).' and must click 'Ok' to close the pop up window.

You will receive an email from custserv@hbsp.harvard.edu with a link to access a PDF of the teaching note.

Clicking on the link will load the PDF in other tab or window of your browser.

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