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Harvard Business Publishing for Students App

Students can use the Harvard Business Publishing for Students app to access materials from an HBP coursepack. The updated HBP app now optimizes readability of certain coursepack materials.

  • Access to course materials on the HBP app costs $2 per coursepack and must be acquired during the coursepack purchase process.
  • Coursepack access may be purchased by the student, or an academic institution, depending on the instructor setting up the coursepack.
  • Students who have purchased a coursepack will receive a link via email to download the app from the Apple® App Store or Google PlayTM. For a coursepack paid for by an institution, or by a student, the link to the app is provided on the coursepack page.

The Harvard Business Publishing for Students app gives students convenient access to materials within HBP coursepacks. Once you have purchased your coursepack on the HBP Higher Education web site, use the app to easily download, save, and read course materials. With the app you can:

  • Access all materials within the coursepack
  • Download and save course material files to your device for offline access to cases, articles, chapters, and readings
  • Run eLearning programs on your device
  • Save username and password information for seamless login

Why use the HBP for Students app?

  • Portability and convenience
  • Content reflow. Optimized text will adapt to the size of your mobile device, improving readability.
  • Easy navigation. Jump back and forth from reading passages to exhibits and tables.
  • Open files in iBooks to add highlights and annotations to your reading materials.


The HBP app is free. The ability to access HBP coursepack content on your device, however, must be purchased, by the student, or the institution, for $2 per coursepack.

What login credentials do I use to access the app?

The app utilizes the same login credentials a student uses to access the Educators website If a student resets their password for the website, their app password is also changed, and vice versa.

Is all HBP content optimized for the new HBP for Students app?

  • Most cases, articles, chapters, and Readings are  optimized
    • EPUBS are optimized for the app and any coursepack containing an EPUB will offer app access
    • Core Curriculum Readings are optimized for the app and any coursepack containing an Core Reading will offer app access
    • Coursepacks containing no EPUBS or Core Readings (or The Startup Game) will not offer app access
  • Most eLearning materials (Simulations, Online Courses) are not yet  optimized
    • All V2 simulations are de-flashed and can be played on tablets, but only The Startup Game is specifically optimized for mobile and coursepacks containing it will offer app access
    • Coursepacks containing only eProducts other than The Startup Game will not offer app access

Under what circumstances will the app be available?

The app is only available for coursepacks with products optimized for mobile. Coursepacks must meet one of the following criteria for the app purchase to be available:

  • Has at least one PDF item with EPUB equivalent
  • Has at least one core curriculum reading (Prod Type 164)
  • Has the Wharton Entrepreneurship sim (WH0001-HTM-ENG)

What Android devices and versions are supported?

All handsets and tablets running Android 4.1 - 4.4 and 5.0 - 5.1.

What iOS devices and versions are supported?

All iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 & 8.

Can I save material to iBooks, Nook or another app on my phone?

Click the download link next to an item.

When it finishes downloading, it will open in the app. Click the upload icon in the upper right.

Select iBooks, Nook or your preferred app to save the material to permanently, for reference later.

What if I'm having trouble downloading, or opening in iBooks?

If you're having trouble downloading, or opening in iBooks, coursepack content in the iPad app, launch the app and click the gear in the upper left side.

Turn off 'Display in mobile friendly ePub format when available'

Can I read Core Curriculum while offline?

Yes, you can read core curriculum readings while offline. To do so, while still connected to the Internet, open the reading and click the gear icon in the upper right.


Next slide the 'Make Available Offline' bar to green.


Finally, bookmark the page as a favorite to return to it when offline for reading.


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