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Clear Permissions with NO Copy of Item

Go to the Educators’ website, sign in and go to 'My Library' or 'Coursepacks'. Click on the 'New Coursepack' button.

Fill in the required information, then click 'OK'.

Here are a few things to note:

  • It is usually best not to change the 'Start Date' and 'End Date'. The default start date is today, and the default end date is 6 (six) months from today. The dates indicate when you and your students are able to view the contents of the coursepack.
  • 'Payment Type' should be set to 'Institution' if your school is paying; it should be set to 'Student' if the individual students will be paying when they follow the Coursepack link.
  • The Discipline field is required. Choose that which best describes the course.

Now you are ready to add products to your course. Click 'Clear Permissions'.

Select the button next to 'Book', 'Periodical' or 'Other' depending on the type of material for which you are requesting permission. Enter the title of the item in the 'Book Title' field and check either 'Yes' or 'No' depending on whether or not that is the exact title of the item. The 'Author' 'Publisher' 'ISBN / ISSN' fields are not required but you fill them in if you know the appropriate values. In the 'Name Displayed in HBP Coursepack' enter the title you want your students to see in your coursepack and click 'Continue'

When your search results return the item, click on the arrow to expand the listing, enter in the pages you need in the 'Page Range(s)' field, the year in 'Publication Year', check the 'No' box for 'Do you have a digital copy of this material to upload now?' and click 'Place Order'

'You have successfully added the material to your HBP Coursepack: (material name)' and may click the 'Return to HBP Coursepack' button. The coursepack will still be in a 'Pending' status as you are waiting for your permission request to be approved. Approval generally takes less than 2 business days and if the process exceeds two business days, a Study.Net rep will reach out to you and explain the reason for the delay. There is no notification of approval; in almost all situations simply waiting 2 business days will have allowed enough time for permission approval and when you return to your coursepack at that time the 'Activate Coursepack' button will be active and your material will be labeled as 'Permission has been granted' in your coursepack. At this point, click 'Activate Coursepack' and follow through the prompts to activate the coursepack after which the website will generate the 'Coursepack Link' you can distribute to students.

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