What's Included in a Subscription


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What's Included in a Subscription

A subscription allows you to sign into HBR.org and read the full text of all HBR articles. There is no limit to the number of Harvard Business Review articles you may read per month and the online subscription enables you to retrieve over 25 years of page issues and more than 4,000 articles, including management classics, HBR case studies, interviews and more. HBS case studies, and case studies from other institutions (Ivey, Standford) are not included in a subscription.

In addition to the print magazine, subscribers also have access to content on HBR.org that is only available to them:

  • Visual Library (Subscriber Exclusives); downloadable, fully-customizable Powerpoints and Infographics
  • Article Archive; unlimited access to the 4,000+ articles
  • Top 50 bestsellers; Our most popular articles (these are not available in front of the paywall)
  • The Insider weekly newsletter; written by the editor of HBR.org that highlights what HBR’s editors think you should be reading on the website that week
  • "At A Glance" - downloadable quick-takes on a management concept (Net Present Value, Regression Analysis, A/P Testing) available in the Visual Library
  • My Library; ability to download articles and share them with your team and topic feeds
  • New tools library coming soon
  • The Big Idea; a new interactive approach to launching big ideas with our authors. This innovation transforms the presentation of compelling new ideas into long-running events, using a variety of story-telling approaches to connect theory to practice without sacrificing any of our signature rigor. This is HBR's 'article of the future' and it will heighten the impact of HBR ideas both online and off.
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