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Visual Library

VL Content Only Available to Subscribers

Access the Visual Library (VL)

You must be an HBR subscriber to gain VL access. The VL is only available as a feature of a subscription and cannot be purchased as stand alone access. Items in the VL cannot be purchased individually, even by subscribers. VL is available to all subscribers.

Once you have purchased a subscription, go to to register (activate) your subscription.

After registering your subscription, the content is available online by clicking Subscriber Exclusives under the Explore HBR heading in the sitemap, or by going directly to

Items from the VL will appear in search results.

I have a subscription through my organization (I registered with an access code); is VL included?

No. If your subscription is provided by your organization and you registered with an access code, Visual Library access is not included. There is not a way it can be added to a specific account nor to the organization's access code.

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