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Zinio is a mobile reading application and a vendor who resells a version of our digital HBR subscription. Zinio is not the official provider of our digital subscription; they are an additional reseller of the digital version. The digital access included in an All Access subscription is through the iPad/Android apps.

What is a digital subscription?

The content of the magazine in high-fidelity, full-color, full-screen modes that look just like the print magazine.

Is Zinio included in an All-Access subscription?

No, Zinio is no longer included in an All-Access subscription. Starting on April 1st, 2014, Zinio access was removed from the All-Access subscription bundle and replaced with Android app access. Customers who purchased All-Access prior to April 1st will still get Zinio for the remainder of their current contract. If customers inquire as to why Zinio is no longer in the All-Access offer, let them know this is no longer part of that All-Access subscription and if they would like, they can purchase the Zinio edition separately. Zinio will still be available as a standalone offer. Customers can purchase this by going to www.zinio.com. For a single issue it’s $16.95 and for a 1 year subscription is $89 for US and local currency rates for International.

Who do I contact for help with Zinio?

Zinio customer support is available at support@zinio.com and 1-888-946-4666

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