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Harvard Business Review OnPoints

Harvard Business Review OnPoints are single-theme collections of both classic and recent articles and blog posts written by some of the world's leading management scholars and practitioners. The editors of HBR handpick each article for its relevance and insight. To help busy managers quickly absorb and apply the concepts, these collections also include short summaries ('Article at a Glance'), plus suggestions for further reading. The OnPoint Magazines are only available on newsstands, at bookstores and through HBR.org. WH Smith is one of the larger suppliers in the UK but it’s also available at the airport and some other larger newsstand chains. The OnPoint magazines are not part of subscriptions, either as an addition/upgrade to an existing subscription or stand alone subscription. All the content in OnPoints has already appeared in issues of the Harvard Business Review magazine and is available online as well. Issues of OnPoint prior to 2013 did not follow a standardized format. Beginning with the spring 2013 issue, the product codes adopted the following format: OnPoint abbreviated (OP) + the current season of spring/summer/fall/winter abbreviated (SP/SU/FA/WI) + the last two digits of the year (13). 

Product Number




OPSP17 Increase Your Impact: How to Lead Through Influence Spring 2017  
OPWI16 Launch a Start-Up That Works Winter 2016  
OPFA16 How to Work with Toxic Colleagues Fall 2016  
OPSU16 How to be Indispensable Summer 2016  
OPSP16 How to Manage Up Spring 2016  
OPWI15 Leadership and the Art of Decision Making Winter 2015  
OPFA15  Be a Better Boss--How to Bring Out the Best in Your People Fall 2015 Out of Print
OPSU15 Your Next Move--How to Make a Successful Career Change  Summer 2015  
OPSP15 How to Be Productive--Without Burning Out Spring 2015  
OPWI14  Leading Change: What Works and What Doesn’t Winter 2014 Out of Print
OPFA14  Seize Your Leadership Moment Fall 2014 Out of Print
OPSU14  Emotional Intelligence: The Essential Ingredient to Success Summer 2014 Out of Print
OPSP14 Emotional Intelligence: The Essential Ingredient to Success Spring 2014 Out of Print
OPWI13 Find Your Focus: Get Things Done the Smart Way Winter 2013  
OPFA13 How to Create a Culture of Excellence Fall 2013  Out of Print
OPSU13 Strategies for Global Success Summer 2013  
OPSP13 Turn Smart Strategy into Winning Performance Spring 2013  


Talent: How to Find It, How to Keep It

Winter 2012



Managing Your Stakeholders: Set Expectations, Gain Advantage, Get Results

Fall 2012



Managing Uncertainty

Summer 2012



Reinvention: Turn Around Your Business, Transform Your Career

Spring 2012



Secrets to Getting Ahead

Winter 2011

Out of Print


Balancing Work and Life

Fall 2011



Manage Your Image

Summer 2011



How to Get Results When You're Not in Charge

Spring 2011

Out of Print


Turn Your Vision into Reality

Winter 2010



How to Get Your Message Across

Fall 2010

Out of Print


The Ideal Workplace

Summer 2010



Make Green Profitable

Spring 2010

Out of Print


10 Must Reads from HBR

Winter 2009

Out of Print


Take Charge of Your Career

Fall 2009

Out of Print


Seize Advantage: Turn Crisis to Opportunity

Summer 2009



Managing Risk: A Survival Guide for Leaders

Spring 2009

Out of Print


Be a Better Leader

Winter 2008

Out of Print


Growing Your Business in a Downturn

Fall 2008

Out of Print


Great Deal Making

Summer 2008



Leading High-Performing Teams

Spring 2008

Out of Print


Peak Job Performance: Preparing Mentally and Physically for the Challenges of Leadership

Winter 2007



Stay Focused on Your Customers--As You Grow Your Business

Fall 2007



Leader as Motivator: Inspire Great Performance from Yourself and Your Team

Summer 2007



Creative Company: How to Grow and Harvest Great Ideas

Spring 2007



Art of Middle Management: How to Outperform Your Company's--and Your Own--Expectations

Winter 2006



Growing Your Business: Strategies That Work for Small and Midsize Companies

Fall 2006



Good Boss: Manage Your Team--and Yourself--to the Highest Potential

Summer 2006



Market-Led Innovation: How Your Customers--and Your Competitors--Can Help You Innovate

Spring 2006



Leadership and the Future: The Art of Change Management

Winter 2005

Out of Print


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