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HBR's Go to Market Tools: Market Sizing

HBR's Go to Market Tools: Market Sizing is an English Web based HTML interactive program that will turn your raw market data into a clear analysis that will inform your product development and marketing plans.

Your Situation: On the hook to launch your division's next great product or service? Need to convince higher ups that your product will fill that gaping revenue hole, and is worth the team's scarce marketing and product development resources? You need hard data to make your case:

  • How many customers will buy it?
  • How much will they pay?
  • What are your competitors' strategies?

Your Solution: We can help. Use HBR's Market Sizing tool again and again, to turn your raw market data into a clear analysis that will inform your product development and marketing plans. It will help you

  • gather the data you need to size your own market
  • use your data to make confident projections
  • turn your results into a game plan

The tool will help you turn your own market data into a compelling business case for your great idea.


  • introductory video
    • 57 seconds long
    • only available in-product, online
  • tutorial
    • walks you through the data-gathering steps and calculations that will help you make informed marketing and product development decisions
    • only available in-product, online
  • Size Your Market tool
    • tool will crunch the numbers using the same steps in the tutorial and produce a report to help you and your colleagues make informed marketing and product development decisions
    • only available in-product, online
  • Excel version of the tool
    • downloadable
    • available permanently (from saved local copy)
  • PowerPoint
    • pre-designed
    • fully customizable
    • results from Size Your Market tool export into PPT
    • presentation to share your results with your colleagues
    • available permanently (from saved local copy)


When you launch Market Sizing, you will be on the 'Welcome' screen. You can use the menu links at the top of the screen as well as the buttons in other areas of the screen to navigate.

Click the play icon to watch the introductory video. Click the 'Worksheet' button in the 'Excel Worksheet' section to download the Excel version of the Size Your Market.

Click on 'Tutorial' in the menu at the top of the screen or the 'Tutorial' button in the 'Walk Through the Tutorial' section to go through the training tutorial.

Clicking on the 'Tutorial' links on the 'Welcome' page will bring you to a tutorial explaining how to use the tool. Click on the arrows at either end of the Tutorial menu, or click on the specific page numbers(1-8) to navigate through the tutorial pages.

Click on 'My Projects' in the top menu or the 'Tool' button under 'Size Your Market' on the 'Welcome' page to begin using the tool with your company's data.

The first time you click on the 'My Projects' or 'Tool' links on the Welcome page, the page will display a 'Get Started' button in the upper right as well as instructions in the center of the page how to proceed. Click the 'Welcome', 'Tutorial' or 'Glossary' links in the menu bar to navigate away from this page.

Clicking 'Get Started' will give you a screen on which to enter you company's data and click the 'Crunch' button to size your market.

After clicking 'Crunch' you will be shown the resulting data and have the options to click 'Save as PPT' to export your data into PowerPoint or 'New Project' to crunch a new set of data.

On the 'My Results' tab, click the 'Now What?' links to expand and show the details of that section, and click 'Less, Please' when you are done with that section and want to minimize the details.


Click on the 'Glossary' link in the top menu at any time to access the full glossary of terms relevant to the tool.


The total number of customers, units, or revenue currently being generated in the market.


Calculates the percentage of customers in the potential market who are currently purchasing a product or service.


A subset of the total current or potential customers in a market.


The percentage of the total demand that a company has captured in terms of units sold or gross revenue.


The set of customers who have some interest in a product or service, or to whom the product is potentially relevant.

Do I have to complete the Tutorial?

No, you do not need to complete the Tutorial. It is simply available as an optional resource.

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