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Community Q&A

Community Q&A is a forum available to all Educator Premium accounts, available on IDP's (item detail pages), that allows users to pose, and answer, questions about materials. Each IDP has a 'Community Q&A' tab displaying the conversations on that specific product. There is no dashboard overview of all conversations. Each IDP houses its own forum, specific to the item offered on that page. Educators may ask questions, answer questions and upload files to participate in the discussion.



To ask a question, go to the IDP (item detail page) for the product about which you have a question and click on the 'Community Q&A' tab. Enter a high level description of your question in the 'Ask a Question' field, enter your complete, detailed question in the 'Fill in the details' section and click the 'Post Question' button.

You can format your question and upload files using the formatting menu bar, which offers:

  • headers
  • bold
  • italics
  • bullets
  • ordered lists
  • hyperlinks
  • insert files


All questions are posed to the full community of Educator Premium accounts with access to the educators website Anyone with Educator Premium access to the site may review, post and answer questions. Questions are not moderated and answered by HBS professors or the material's authors. Discussions are monitored by Harvard Business Publishing for appropriate content, but will not be answered by HBP personnel.

Follow a Thread

To follow a discussion and receive email notifications of updates, either post the initial question or post a response, or answer, to the discussion.

There is no way to follow, or watch, a discussion without participating. You must either ask the original question or post an answer to the question to receive email updates of all activity in a thread.

NO Dashboard of All Discussions

All discussions are NOT available in a single dashboard or overview. Each IDP (item detail page) has its own unique forum on that specific item. There is not a way to see all postings on all products.

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