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Students must always purchase their coursepack in digital (PDF) format, but the professor may check the 'Printed Coursepack' box to allow students the option of purchasing an additional printed coursepack.

If the professor has enabled that option, students will see 'You have the option of purchasing a print coursepack that will be shipped to you. Order a print coursepack now.' to order a printed copy of all the course materials, for an additional cost. The option will not appear until after the student has purchased the digital coursepack, if the coursepack is student pay. If the coursepack is institution pay, although the digital materials are immediately available to the student, if they want a printed coursepack in addition they would need to purchase it.

If a student does not see that option, have them click 'Show Notes'

If a student chooses to purchase the optional, addition copy of ALL (personal material included) their course materials in hard copy format, Study.Net provides this service and handles all aspects of the process, from checkout and payment to delivery and package tracking support. The cost of printed coursepacks are $.07 per page + cover & binding costs (varies) + tax + shipping. Printed orders are printed and shipped the same day if the order is placed before 12:00PM MDT Monday - Friday. Otherwise, they are printed and shipped the next business day. Domestic shipping is by USPS Priority Mail or FedEx SmartPost and international shipping is by FedEx. Below is an example of the email students receive once they place a printed course pack order.

From: Study.Net Customer Service (customerservice@Study.Net)
To: Student Name
Subject: HBP POD Order

Hello Student Name,

This is to confirm the receipt of your printed coursepack order. It will be printed and shipped within 48 hours.

Order Number:

Date Ordered:
xx/xx/xx xx:xx:xx PM

Printed Coursepack - Course Name

Shipping Address:
State Zip Code

Shipping Method:
FedEx Smart Post

Total Order Cost:

Upon shipment a confirmation email with tracking information will be sent your email address.
If you have any questions, please contact customerservice@Study.Net.

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