Mobile ManageMentor (MMM) Asking For Login Credentials or Blank Screen After Login


This article concerns:

What if I purchased the app but it is asking me to log in with a username and password?


What if the topics from the browse list on the home page no longer appear?

Be aware that the purchase of MMM is tied to the Apple ID or Google Play account under which it was purchased and cannot be transferred between Apple/Google accounts nor from an Apple account to a Google Play account (and vice verse). When you purchase Mobile ManageMentor under an Apple ID or Google Play ID, the purchase is permanently tied to that account and cannot be transferred, moved or merged. If the customer changed Apple or Google Play ID's, or switched from Apple to Google providers (or vice versa), their purchase of MMM will not be recognized in their new account; there is not a way to make the new account recognize the purchase which happened under another account. If the customer is being prompted to log in, and they have changed Apple or Google Play ID's, they will have to re-purchase the app under their new ID; we cannot issue a refund for the app purchases.

If you are being prompted to login and you have already purchased the app OR if you accepted an upgrade on your iPhone and you are being prompted to log in OR the topics on the home page of MMM no longer appear, the solution is to remove and re-install the app. After re-installing the MMM app, to access the full content for which you've already paid, you will need to begin the in-app purchase process again. You will not be charged a second time as long as you are using the same Apple ID. When you attempt to complete your in-app purchase the app store will recognize that you have already purchased the app and you will get a message stating 'You've already purchased this. Tap OK to download it for free'.

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