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Online courses are English Web based HTML interactive programs which require an Internet connection to play. The program itself can't be downloaded, and a user must log into to launch the program. It is recommended to run your machine through our system checker for optimal performance: Product Titles and Codes


  • Finance Complete Online Course 208719-HTM-ENG
  • Finance Online Course: Introductory Section 6000-HTM-ENG

Financial Accounting

  • Financial Accounting Complete Online Course 105708-HTM-ENG
  • Financial Accounting Online Course: Introductory Section 6002-HTM-ENG
  • Financial Accounting Online Course: Advanced Section 6003-HTM-ENG

Management Communication

  • Management Communication: Complete Online Course 4337-HTM-ENG
  • Management Communication Online Course: Presenting Section 4343-HTM-ENG
  • Management Communication Online Course: Writing Section 4341-HTM-ENG

Mathematics for Management

  • Mathematics for Management Complete Online Course 3350-HTM-ENG
  • Mathematics for Management Online Course: Statistics Section 6007-HTM-ENG
  • Mathematics for Management Online Course: Algebra Section 6004-HTM-ENG
  • Mathematics for Management Online Course: Calculus Section 6006-HTM-ENG
  • Mathematics for Management Online Course: Probability Section 6008-HTM-ENG
  • Mathematics for Management Online Course: Finance Section 6009-HTM-ENG

Quantitative Methods

  • Quantitative Methods Complete Online Course 504702-HTM-ENG
  • Quantitative Methods Online Course: Regression Section 6012-HTM-ENG

Spreadsheet Modeling Online Course Excel 2013

  • Spreadsheet Modeling Complete Online Course 3252-HTM-ENG
  • Spreadsheet Modeling Online Course: Introductory Section 6010-HTM-ENG
  •  Spreadsheet Modeling Online Course: Advanced Section 6011-HTM-ENG

How long do I retain access to an online course on

Academics who purchase Online Courses on retain access for twelve months from the date of purchase. Access expires as soon as the day begins (midnight) Eastern time, a year from the date of purchase. If a coursepack was purchased on 3/6/14, access expires 12:00am 3/6/15.

Print Online Courses

Click the printer icon in the upper right and select Currently Selected Menu Item or Entire Tutorial, then Launch Printable Version to print the online course

When printing, be aware it can take time for the printed version to load due to the high volume of content. Please refer to this table for times:

Load time will vary between 30 seconds to a few minutes, depending on how long the online course is. If it's an introductory section, or advanced section only, the load time will be mere seconds. Full online courses that are much longer, may take a little longer to load.

Course Average Printing Time
Finance Online Course 20 seconds
Financial Accounting Online Course 40 seconds
Management Communication: Complete Online Course 30 seconds
Mathematics for Management Online Course 10 seconds
Quantitative Methods Online Course 4 minutes

I'm a professor and I want to print off the exercises from the online courses to use as pop quizzes. Is this possible?

No, there is not a file of just the exercise questions which can be printed. You could launch the printable version of the course and then copy out the exercise content. There are some instances where the answers will not appear because some of the exercises are Flash-based interactive and the printable version only grabs/displays non-Flash text.

Online Courses Coursepack Use

Our coursepacks are the delivery method and our site help explains the coursepack creation process. 

Free Trials

Educator Premium accounts may access a Free Trial for 3 months to determine if they would like to use the product as course material. Go to and click on the course you want to demo.

Now click the 'Run Online Course as a Student' link to launch the student view.

Can I access the student version by clicking the 'Run Course Section' link in the 'Student View' section of my coursepack?

No. The 'Run Course Section' link in the 'Student View' section of your coursepack is not active; the 'Student View' is intended only to give the same visual students encounter when accessing your coursepack, and is not intended to include the full functionality available to the students when they log into their coursepack.

Online Course Certificates

The following online courses now offer a certificate of completion:

  • Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Spreadsheet Modeling: Excel 2013
  • Mathematics for Management
  • Management Communication

Certificate of Completion:

Upon passing one of the Post-Tests, students will be able to view and download a personalized Certificate of Completion for the online course. The certificate is issued by Harvard Business Publishing and available in PDF format. The completion criteria for the Post-Test varies by course. Here are the defaults:  Admins can customize the pass/fail threshold if they choose to do so. The certificate only becomes available to a student who passes one of their Post-Tests.

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