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iPad App Subscription Purchased Directly Through iTunes

Customers who have purchased their HBR subscription directly through the iTunes app, as opposed to through HBR.org or subscription services (CDS), do not need to enter their name and email address to enter the app. All in-app purchases are conducted through iTunes, and so through the user’s iTunes account. They would enter the email associated with their iTunes account and then their iTunes password to purchase issues. A customer that deleted the app and needs to restore iTunes purchases needs to go to the menu in the upper right hand side of the app and select 'Restore'

They will be prompted 'To restore previous purchases, please click OK and enter your iTunes account information'

They will be notified 'Your purchase has been successfully restored. Note: the restored issues might take up to 24 hours to retrieve'. Please note, restore won’t do anything unless users had previously purchased through iTunes. Customers will not be charged during the restore process.

All billing is handled by iTunes. If the steps above do not resolve the problem, customers need to work directly with iTunes support for any additional help: https://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/

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