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The Visual Library is a collection of HBR's best charts, graphs and images, available online by clicking Subscriber Exclusives under the Explore HBR heading in the sitemap, or by going directly to

The VL allows subscribers to view and download selected images, graphs and charts that appeared in the magazine. This continually expanding collection of HBR's most essential charts, infographics, and fully customizable slide decks will reinforce your presentations and important reports. The visual library is a new part of the website that is designed for our premium subscribers. From within the visual library, our subscribers can browse, filter, and search through more than 90 of HBR’s most essential charts, graphics, and slide decks. Each visual can be saved to My Library, printed, or downloaded for use in reports, presentations, or for sharing among your team. If you’re looking for more background or information on a particular visual, links to original source material are provided. HBR is excited to unveil this new tool to our subscribers! Subscribe or renew to gain access.

The Visual Library is only included in HBR subscriptions purchased through the website or subscription services. Visual Library access is not included for users registering with an access code or accessing their library's EBSCO subscription.


  • Curated collection of more than 90 of HBR's most essential charts, graphics, and slide decks
  • Searchable library allows for easy navigation of visuals by topic, format, and popularity
  • Topics covered include leadership, managing people, strategy, communication, marketing, and more
  • Visuals come from HBR's classic management articles as well as recent pieces reflecting the latest business and management data and research
  • Many classic graphics have fresh designs, making them easier than ever before to share with others
  • Save visuals to your HBR library and download them for use in presentations, reports, or for sharing with your team
  • The collection will be continually updated with new and classic graphics chosen by our editors and designers
  • Share your feedback on how you use graphics at work. We'll use your comments to expand and shape the collection


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