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Role Play

Role Plays allow students to practice real-world skills by assuming a specific role and interacting with other students who also play characters in the Exercise. Simulating a real business situation allows students to experiment and enhance their understanding of theories of negotiation and related topics.

Role Plays Offered

We offer many 'paper' Role Plays that are available in both English PDF and English Hardcopy Black & White format, and we offer a single digital Role Play, Negotiating Equity Splits at UpDown. You can see the full listing by clicking on 'Role Plays' under 'Products' on the Educators website.

Using a Role Play

Our coursepacks are the delivery method and our site help explains the coursepack creation process.

Are there any Role Plays considered easier or harder?

Length of Access

PDF Role Plays are available in both the academic and individual markets. Anyone who purchases a PDF Role Play on or retains access for six months from the date of purchase. HTM Role Plays are only available in the academic market. Academics who purchase the HTM Role Play on retain access for twelve months from the date of purchase.

Access the Student Version Through a Free Trial

The 'Run Role Play' link in the 'Student View' section of your coursepack is not active; the 'Student View' is intended only to give the same visual students encounter when accessing your coursepack, and is not intended to include the full functionality available to the students when they log into their coursepack.

You may access the student version, or view, of a Role Play by adding a Free Trial of the Role Play to your account. To add a Free Trial of a Role Play, search for the Role Play, click the 'See a Preview' link.

Click the 'Add Free Trial' link on the resulting page.

Now click the role you want to view to launch the student version of the Role Play.

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