Simulations Coursepack Use and Free Trials


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Simulations V1 vs V2

Simulations Coursepack Use

Our coursepacks are the delivery method and our site help explains the coursepack creation process.

Free Trials

Educator Premium accounts may access a Free Trial for 3 months to determine if they would like to use the product as course material. Go to and click on the simulation you want to demo. On the resulting screen, click on See a Preview.

On the resulting page, click on Free Trial.

Now click the scenario, role or 'Run Simulation as Student' link (depending on the simulation) to launch the student view.

Can I access the student version by clicking the 'Run Simulation' link in the 'Student View' section of my coursepack?

No. The 'Run Simulation' link in the 'Student View' section of your coursepack is not active; the 'Student View' is intended only to give the same visual students encounter when accessing your coursepack, and is not intended to include the full functionality available to the students when they log into their coursepack.

Why don't my students show up in the userlist of the simulation?

When students follow a coursepack link and import the coursepack, they are automatically pushed into the userlist of the simulation. However, if students import the coursepack link and the simulation is added to the courepack after they imported it, they will not automatically appear in the userlist and must click Run Simulation to appear. 


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