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Zinio is no longer the vendor/distributor for the HBR digital subscription. We offer iPad and Android apps as part of all access subscriptions. You must work directly with Zinio to purchase a Zinio digital subscription.

To access your Zinio subscription, please go to the app store on your mobile device and search for Zinio. Click on the Zinio LLC choice which is the first listing in the screen shot below.

Click on Free and then click on Install App to download the Zinio LLC app.

Once the app has finished downloading, click on the Zinio app icon to launch it.

Once you have launched the app, click on the My Library icon in the bottom left.

If you have previously registered with Zinio click on Sign In. If you have never registered with Zinio, click on Join Zinio, fill out the form to register. You MUST use the email address associated to your subscription when you register for the site to recognize your account and make issues available to you. Once you have signed in the My Library section holds all the issues covered by the term length of your subscription. This is what a My Library section populated with issues would look like.

To read an issue of the magazine, click on the arrow icon.

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