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HBR Guide to Coaching Employees Ebook and Tools

HBR Guide to Coaching Employees Ebook and Tools is an enhanced Ebook version of the HBR Guide to Coaching Employees that includes downloadable tools and templates to instantly apply these concepts with your team. Succeed as a manager by learning how to coach your employees. As a manager you are only as strong as your team. But you can't just tell your direct reports what to do: you need to guide them to make their own decisions, solve tough problems, and actively develop their skills on the job. But where do you start? What kinds of questions should you be asking? And how can you track results? 'The HBR Guide to Coaching Employees Ebook + Tools' provides proven principles and techniques for successful coaching enhanced by additional tools to instantly apply these concepts with your team.

You will learn how to create realistic but inspiring plans for growth for your employees, apply the best conversational tactics for coaching to provide feedback they'll actually apply, and balance coaching with the rest of your workload. 'The HBR Guide to Coaching + Tools' includes 7 components:

  1. 'The HBR Guide to Coaching Employees Ebook'
  2. A coach's manual that provides context for each tool and offers advice for when and how to get the most out of your time together
  3. A case study that demonstrates how good coaching techniques work in action
  4. Sample scripts that illustrate productive conversations
  5. Questionnaires that will prepare you and your employee for your first meeting
  6. Worksheets to record goals and monitor progress
  7. Checklists and best practices to keep you on track. Improve your team's performance and enhance your own management skills with 'The HBR Guide to Coaching Ebook + Tools.'


  • Guide to Coaching Employees Ebook
  • Coach's Manual
  • Preparing for the First Meeting
  • Employee Questionnaire
  • Employee Questionnaire (for the coach)
  • Coaching Plan
  • Follow-Up Meeting Agenda
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Case Study Asking Open-Ended Questions
  • Getting in the Coach's Mind-Set
  • Preparing for Follow-Up Meetings
  • Following Up


Once you've purchased a copy, to download the Ebook and Tools you will need an Internet connection. Subsequent access to your local copies will not require an Internet connection. To download your Ebook and Tools, go to HBR.org and sign in. Click on the person icon in the upper right and select 'Purchases'

Click the 'Download Files' link for the order.

Click 'Toolkit' to access a page with links to all the content.

You will be brought to a landing page with  .PDF, .EPUB and .MOBI links to download the Guide to Coaching Employees Ebook. If you're not sure which of the three Ebook formats is best for your device, review our Ebook instructions.

 The page also has a link to download the zip file.

When the zip file completes downloading, open it and click on '1399OH_CoachingEmployees' if you're a PC user and '_MACOSX' if you are a MAC user.

Click on each of the files to download.

  • 00_HBR_Coaching_Employees Guide
  • 1_Prepare for Meeting
  • 2_Employee Questionnaire
  • 3_Employee Questionnaire_coach
  • 4_Coaching_Plan
  • 5_Follow Up Agenda
  • 6_Asking the Right Questions
  • 7_Case Study
  • 8_Getting in the Coachs Mindset
  • 9_Preparing for Follow Up
  • 10_Following Up

You now have access to all the items included within the Ebook + Tools offering.

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