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HBR Tools: After-Action Review

Learn how to successfully mitigate risks in your current and future projects through open communication between stakeholders and get the results you need. The success of your next project can impact your budget, reputation, and career. Incorporating a before-action review, and after-action review, can make all the difference in improving performance and driving productivity.

The 'Before-Action Review' builds communication amongst stakeholders and helps you assess project risks, analyze potential impact, and develop countermeasures to get ahead of any impediments to your success. The 'After-Action Review' helps you and your team be more successful from one project to the next by creating a dialogue around what worked and what to change in the future.


  • Read Me First guide (PDF)
    • Explains what's included in the tool and how to proceed through files
  • After-Action Reviews Manual (PDF)
    • This manual walks you step-by-step through both the before-action review (BAR) and the after-action review (AAR). It includes guidance on what to do before, during and after each meeting, and it presents sample agendas
  • Before-Action Review Tool (Word)
    • Use this tool to capture your team's work to identify, analyze, and mitigate risks during the BAR. Fill this out during your BAR meeting, and circulate it to the team afterward.
  • After-Action Review Tool (Word)
    • Use this tool to note what worked and what didn't in your project and to record ideas for preventing similar mistakes next time. You'll fill this out during the AAR meeting and distribute it to the team and possibly to the broader organization.
  • Sample Emails (Word)
    • Copy and paste these emails into your email application to invite participants to the AAR or BAR meeting and to give them an overview of the process. Adapt the sample for your situation, including your project details and a meeting agenda.
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