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HBR Tools: Better Meetings

Increase your team's meeting efficiency and productivity with these tools by being prepared, staying focused and leaving each meeting ready to take action. Everyone loves to hate meetings. They're a necessary part of our work, but they take up too much of our time and are too often the default method for solving problems. For many professionals, the workday consists of hurrying from one conference room to the next. It's precisely because meetings have become so routine--and so numerous--that we need to be thoughtful about how we conduct and attend them. HBR's Better Meeting Tools will help you do just that. It's full of practical advice, charts, and checklists that make it easier to avoid unnecessary meetings and make the ones that matter more productive.

Trying to determine if you really need to attend a meeting? There's a decision tree for that. Need to create a quick, but effective agenda? Use Roger Schwarz's excellent template--again and again. Want to ensure that action items actually translate into action? Follow Paul Axtell's tips for ending your meeting the right way. Use these tools to accelerate your prep work and run more effective meetings every day and you'll discover that planning ahead saves time. Your colleagues, clients, and your boss will thank you.


  • Better Meetings Guide (PDF)
  • Meeting Agenda (Word)
  • Meeting Checklist (Word)
  • Decision Tree (PDF)
  • When to Present and when to Converse Guide (PDF)
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