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HBR Tools: Market Sizing

The HBR Tool for Market Sizing will help you turn your own market data into a compelling business case for your next great idea. Strategizing the launch of your company's next product or service doesn't have to be stressful or intimidating. Understanding the data behind the potential market, and how your product or service measures up, will allow you to have informed conversations and create a data driven marketing plan. Convince higher ups about how your product will fill that gaping revenue hole--and is worth the team's scarce marketing and product development resources.

HBR's Market Sizing Tool will help you

  • gather the data you need to size your own market
  • use your data to make confident projections
  • turn your results into a game plan.


  • Read Me First guide (PDF)
    • Explains what's included in the tool and how to proceed through files
  • Market Sizing Manual (PDF)
    • Explores the concepts of market sizing, while guiding you through each calculation. Within each step is a tutorial example that walks you through the data gathering, calculations, and analyses.
  • Market Sizing Tool (Excel)
    • Gather data to complete the worksheet to size the market for your own products or services. The tool will crunch the numbers using the same steps in the tutorial.
  • Stacy's Pita Chip Tutorial (Excel)
    • In this example, imagine that you're a senior marketer working for Stacy's, a company that produces pita chips and other snack foods. You're on the hook to develop a plan to capture a larger portion of the salty-snack market
  • Glossary (PDF)
    • Defines the most common terms that are relevant to market sizing 
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