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Technical Requirements and Troubleshooting for Multimedia CDROM's

English Video DVD Products do NOT Require Region Codes

CDROM's do NOT work on Mac's


Multimedia is software and applications that combine text, high-quality sound, two- and three-dimensional graphics, animation, photo images, and full-motion video. In order to work with Multimedia, a personal computer typically requires a powerful microprocessor, large memory and storage capabilities, a high-quality monitor and a video accelerator, external loudspeakers or headphones and a sound card (or sound board) for improved sound generation, and a CD-ROM (see compact disc) or DVD-ROM (see digital versatile disc) drive, as well as special software to utilize many of these devices.

We offer many Multimedia CDROM's, an increasing number of Multimedia cases in an online format, Video DVD's and Audio CDROM's for purchase. Some are stand alone offerings while others are part of collections.

I purchased an online multimedia case study on, how long do I retain access?

Individuals who purchase digital multimedia case studies on retain access for twelve months from the date of purchase.

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