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Exercises are being renamed Simulations. No content or any other aspect will change; only the deliniation will change from Exercise to Simulation.


An Exercise illustrates a fundamental concept in a discipline, such as Operations Management, and can be used to reinforce key learning objectives in case studies and readings. Exercises are supplemental materials that build intuition. They have a short seat time of under 30 minutes and often accompany the following products.

  • Core Curriculum Readings
  • Cases
  • Books, chapters (ours or others)

Exercises are built on the Simulate platform, each has a Teaching Note and a Free Trial available for educators to add to their library. This product is launched via a coursepack like other eProducts and the pricing is $6 per MBA student and $18 per Executive Education student.

What exercises do we offer?

We offer the following exercises:

How long do I retain access?

Exercises are only available in the academic market. Academics who purchased exercises on hbsp.harvard.edu retain access for twelve months from the date of purchase.

I want to use an Exercise in my class. How do my students and I gain access?

Our coursepacks are the delivery method and our site help explains the coursepack creation process.

Can I access the student version by clicking the 'Run Exercise' link in the 'Student View' section of my coursepack?

No. The 'Run Exercise' link in the 'Student View' section of your coursepack is not active; the 'Student View' is intended only to give the same visual students encounter when accessing your coursepack, and is not intended to include the full functionality available to the students when they log into their coursepack.

Free Trials - Educator Access to Student View

Educator Premium accounts may access a Free Trial for 3 months to determine if they would like to use the product as course material. To add a Free Trial of a Exercise, search for the Exercise, click the 'See a Preview' link.

Click the 'Add Free Trial' link on the resulting page.

Now click the 'Run Exercise as a Student' to access the student version of the Exercise.

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