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Core Curriculum Readings

Individuals may purchase Core Curriculum Readings on Readings are categorized as Tools and access is for a twelve month single user license.

After purchase, access to the Readings are available in the Purchases section. Clicking Go for the file will launch the it in another window or tab of your browser. A hamburger menu is available in the upper left for navigation.

The product numbers on are the same as those on, with 'HB' appended to the end. Each reading is mapped below.

Product # on Title Abbreviated Title IDP URL
8000HB Operations Management Reading: Operations Strategy CR/Strategy
8007HB Operations Management Reading: Process Analysis CR/Process Analysis
8012HB Operations Management Reading: Designing, Managing, and Improving Operations CR/Designing
8016HB Operations Management Reading: Managing Inventory CR/Inventory
8020HB Operations Management Reading: Managing Quality with Process Control CR/Quality
8025HB Operations Management Reading: Managing Quality CR/Managing Quality
8031HB Operations Management Reading: Supply Chain Management CR/Supply Chain
8037HB Operations Management Reading: Strategic Sourcing CR/Strategic Sourcing
8042HB Operations Management Reading: Forecasting CR/Forecasting
8047HB Operations Management Reading: Managing Queues CR/Queues
8051HB Entrepreneurship Reading: Becoming an Entrepreneurial Leader CR/Becoming/Ent Leader
8056HB Entrepreneurship Reading: Recognizing and Shaping Opportunities CR/Recognizing/Shaping
8062HB Entrepreneurship Reading: Developing Business Plans and Pitching Opportunities CR/Developing Bus Plan
8068HB Entrepreneurship Reading: Attracting Talent and Building Ecosystems CR/Attracting Talent
8072HB Entrepreneurship Reading: Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures CR/Financing Ent
8077HB Entrepreneurship Reading: Experimenting in the Entrepreneurial Venture CR/Experimenting
8086HB Entrepreneurship Reading: Selling and Marketing in the Entrepreneurial Venture CR/Selling
8097HB Strategy Reading: Introduction to Strategy CR/Intro to Strat
8101HB Strategy Reading: Industry Analysis CR/Strategy/Industry
8105HB Strategy Reading: Competitive Advantage CR/Strategy/Competitive
8114HB Strategy Reading: Setting Aspirations-Mission, Vision and Values CR/Setting Aspirations
8136HB Strategy Reading: Executing Strategy CR/Executing Strat
8140HB Marketing Reading: Brands and Brand Equity CR/Brands/Brand Equity
8145HB Marketing Reading: Business-to-Business Marketing CR/B2B Marketing
8149HB Marketing Reading: Developing and Managing Channels of Distribution CR/Develop/Channels
8153HB Marketing Reading: Framework for Marketing Strategy Formation CR/Framework/Marketing
8162HB Marketing Reading: Customer Management CR/Customer Management
8167HB Marketing Reading: Consumer Behavior and the Buying Process CR/Consumer Behavior
8171HB Marketing Reading: Customer Centricity CR/Customer Centricity
8176HB Marketing Reading: Creating Customer Value CR/Marketing Reading/Value
8182HB Marketing Reading: Global Marketing CR/Global Marketing
8203HB Marketing Reading: Pricing Strategy CR/Pricing Strategy
8213HB Marketing Reading: Sales Force Design and Management CR/Sales Force
8219HB Marketing Reading: Segmentation and Targeting  CR/Segmentation
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