Harvard Kennedy School Cases


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Harvard Kennedy School Cases

The Harvard Kennedy School Case Program is home to the largest Case collection in the public management and non-profit sphere.

The nearly 2,000 Cases, sequels, videos, and Teaching Notes they offer can be searched online via their advanced search or by browsing through their topics page.

The Harvard Kennedy School Case library is organized into two collections:

  • Select Case Collection
    • Search results from our Select Collection will enable you to review and purchase Cases. The Select Case Collection includes the latest and most widely used Cases and Teaching Notes. These Cases are available for purchase via Harvard Business Publishing (HBP). Simply click the 'Access case' link and on then the 'Educator Copy' link on the resulting Case detail pages to order and preview Cases through HBP’s special online access for educators.

  • Classic Case Collection
    • Search results from our Classic Collection will enable you to click and download Cases for free. As part of our mission to build the next generation of public and non-profit leaders, we are pleased to offer Cases from our Classic Collection free of charge. Access this portion of the collection by clicking the 'Free download' button on Case detail pages. The Classic Collection also includes Cases produced with federal and state government funding.

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