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Simulations are English Web based HTML interactive programs which require an Internet connection to play and explore business concepts through fictional scenarios. The program itself can't be downloaded, and a user must log into to launch the program. It is recommended to run your machine through our system checker for optimal performance:

There is no way for an administrator or instructor to view simulation results or manage the game-play for other users if a simulation is purchased at If you are a professor at an academic institution and wish to use this for your students, order on

We offer 5 simulations to individuals on


Individuals who purchase simulations on retain access for twelve months from the date of purchase. Access expires as soon as the day begins (midnight) Eastern time, a year from the date of purchase. If an Online Course was purchased on 3/6/15, access expires 12:00am 3/6/16.


You have unlimited runs through the simulations during the year of access. Each simulation has a Play Again button available once you complete a run.

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