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This article concerns https://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cbmp/pages/content/hmm

Harvard ManageMentor 11 (HMM11)

Certificate of Completion

HMM in Languages Other Than English

Navigate HMM11

Once your have logged in and your screen loads on the home page, there will be a box in the upper left called Browse Topics which lists the titles of HMM11 modules and allows you to scroll through and select the topic on which you'd like to work. Click on the name of the module to load the topic page of that module.

The topic page has a Get Started button that will launch the full content of the module. If you are short on time, you can also take one of the Shortcuts on the right, but be aware that to receive a certificate of completion for the module you must view 70% of the topic pages and finishing the Quick Path alone will not meet this requirement.

After clicking on Get Started to launch the full content, the table of contents is on the left, and it allows you to navigate through the module step-by-step or to jump directly to any page. Once you have viewed a page, check-marks will track your progress. If you close or navigate away from the window, your progress will automatically save, allowing you to resume at any time.

All HMM11 modules have a brief quiz to assess the knowledge you have gained through completing the module. The quiz is titled Post-Assessment and is located under the Assess tab in the table of contents.

Modules also have various Steps, Tips, and Tools that will summarize important information in order to help you remember and apply it. These sections allow you to print and download helpful summaries and worksheets.

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