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This article concerns: hbsp.harvard.edu

eProduct Delivery through Coursepacks

Case studies, articles and Core Curriculum can be purchased on either of our websites (HBR.org, hbsp.harvard.edu) and contain the same content.

Online courses, tutorials and simulations are called eProducts. They are administered by a professor through a coursepack, which allows the educator to see your results. If you purchase an online course or simulation on HBR.org, your professor will NOT have access to your progress and results and you would not get credit for completion. All eProducts (simulations, online courses) assigned by your professor MUST be purchased and accessed through the professor's coursepack. 

You can NOT purchase eProducts as an HE Individual; the delivery method for all eProducts on hbsp.harvard.edu is through coursepacks, which can only be created by professors.

I'm a student; do I have to purchase the entire coursepack?

Yes, as a student you must purchase the entire coursepack of required materials created by your instructor. Your professor has deemed these materials required for completion of your course and you must purchase the coursepack in its entirety. You can NOT pick and choose which items in a coursepack to purchase.

If you wish to purchase individual items outside of a coursepack, you may:

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