Adding Course Materials to your Library


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Adding Course Materials to your Library

You can add any item in our online catalog (case, brief case, simulation, online course) to your Library from the item description page (IDP). An IDP is a page dedicated to a single product and containing the product code in the URL.


Your Library allows you to keep track of any course materials you want to consider using in a class. You can organize your Library by creating folders. Folders allow you to store related course materials while you consider using them in a coursepack.


To add materials to your Library:

  • On the item description page, click the Add To button
  • Choose an option:
    • Click My Library to add to your personal Library
    • Click Folder to add to a new or existing folder
    • Click Coursepacks to add to a new or existing course


Click on the coursepack or folder to highlight it, then click OK. Now that item is available in the location you chose.


Click on the matching heading in the menu bar to navigate to the material.


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