Creating and Activating a Coursepack


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Creating and Activating a Coursepack

A coursepack is a collection of cases, simulations, and other materials that you want to make available to a group of students. To create and activate a coursepack, go to your Library ( and click New Coursepack.


Type the information in each of the boxes. Bold items are required. After completing all necessary fields, click OK to create the coursepack

Field Name Field Description
Course Name
  • Type a name for the course
  • This is visible to students
Start Date Enter today's date
End Date Be aware coursepacks expire on the End Date at 12:00 AM at the beginning of the day
Payment Type
  • Select Student if students purchase materials on their own.
  • Select Institution if your institution pays for the entire class.
Professor Name Type the name of the professor teaching the course as it should appear to students
Course Number
  • You can include the course number in this box
  • This is visible to students
Enrollment Number Enter the number of students you expect to take the class. The enrollment number does not limit student access to the course materials
Course Level Select the academic level for the course
Discipline Select the most appropriate discipline that describes the course
Notes to Display to Students You can type a message to students with any additional information you want to share with them


Your coursepack will be in a Pending status. Now you need to add materials to your coursepack. You may use either search box to locate materials for your coursepack.


When your search results are returned, click the '+ Coursepack' button for the item. 


Click on the coursepack you want so that it is highlighted, then click OK.


When you have added all items to your coursepack, return to your coursepack by clicking the Coursepacks link in the menu bar ( 


Click on your Pending coursepack, denoted by the blue flag.


Click the green Activate button.


Click Activate in the pop up window.


If your coursepack is Student Pay, your screen will refresh and the coursepack will be active. If your coursepack is Institution Pay, you will be brought to the cart.

Step 1 is Review Order. Once you are satisfied with your order click Next. 


Step 2 is Payment. Select your billing address and either enter your credit card details, or a purchase order number to be invoiced and click Next. 


Step 3 is Confirmation. Click Place Order. 


When your order finishes processing, you will be shown your order number. Click Return to Coursepack.


You will be brought back to your coursepack, which now has a green flag denoting it as Active. The coursepack link will be available onscreen for you to provide to your students.


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