Sharing a Coursepack or Folder


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Sharing a Coursepack or Folder

You can share a coursepack or a folder with colleagues or other faculty. When the recipient accepts the invitation to share your coursepack or folder, a copy is added the recipient's Library. Any changes you make after sharing are not copied unless you share the modified coursepack or folder again. You can only share coursepacks and folders with colleagues who have Premium Educator access to the Harvard Business Publishing web site. You cannot share with students. To grant students access to a coursepack, you must activate the coursepack. See Creating and Activating a Coursepack for more information. To share a coursepack or folder:

  • Go to your Library and open the coursepack or folder you want to share
  • Click Share with Colleagues
  • In the To Address box, enter the email addresses of your colleagues. Separate multiple email addresses using a semi-colon (;)
  • You can type a message in the Personal Note box
  • Click Send
  • An email is sent with a link to add the coursepack or folder to the recipient's Library


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