Domestic (USA & Canada) Subscribers- Request a Copy of a Paid Receipt for Your Harvard Business Review Magazine Subscription


Receipt for Domestic (USA & Canada) Subscribers

If the subscription is domestic (USA & Canada), subscribers can access receipts by going to, entering their account number, zip code, the captcha (the randomly generated numbers in the black box) and clicking ‘Submit’.

On the resulting page, they enter and confirm their email and password and hit ‘Submit’ again.

Once in their account, ‘View Receipt’ is an option on the left.

Clicking ‘View Receipt’ will give them a receipt onscreen with a ‘Print Receipt’ option in the upper right.

Clicking ‘Print Receipt’ will allow either physically print the receipt or saving it as a PDF, or to another program, depending on the user's system capabilities. The options in that final print menu are controlled by the customer’s system and not by the subscription website.

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