Types of Accounts


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Types of Accounts

There are three ways to access HBR.org: anonymously, as a Registered user (registration is free-of-charge), and as an HBR Subscriber (HBR subscribers pay an annual fee).

If you have not registered with HBR.org, and are browsing anonymously without an account, you may search the website, read five articles a month for free, and add items to your cart. You must first sign in with a Registered account if you wish to checkout and purchase materials.

If you have registered for free with HBR.org, but have not subscribed to the Harvard Business Review, you may log in, read fifteen articles for free each month, and search for and purchase materials. You may save/bookmark materials to read later through your library.

If you have purchased an HBR subscription and are signed in as an HBR subscriber, in addition to all the privileges of a Registered user, you will be able to read all Harvard Business Review articles on the site, free of charge. This does not include newsletter reprints, academic case studies, or other materials which never appeared in the Harvard Business Review.

Be aware that all accounts are for individual use only and may not be shared with anyone, even within your organization. 

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