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You can see a complete listing of our available webinars by going to https://hbr.org/webinars and scrolling through the comprehensive listing on that page.


To register and attend a webinar, go https://hbr.org/webinars, click on the title of the desired webinar and follow the screen prompts to register.

If you did not receive the confirmation email with instructions, please please contact us at corpcustserv@hbsp.harvard.edu and we will make sure a copy of the webinar access instructions reach you.

Our webinars are always free of charge for anyone who wishes to register and attend.


Webinars are recorded and posted to https://hbr.org/webinars within two weeks of the event. All registrants will receive a replay link in their follow-up email, along with a 3-4 page PDF report.  If you were not able to register for the webinar, you may save copy from https://hbr.org/webinars to your Library for later viewing.

Slide Decks

The slide deck is available on an author by author basis. They are free, if the author wishes to distribute them. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact us at 1-800-988-0886 (US) 1-617-783-7500 (International) 000-800001-6935 (India) corpcustserv@hbsp.harvard.edu and we will research the possibility of sending you a copy of the slide deck.

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