Distributing the Coursepack Link


This article concerns: https://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cbmp/context/coursepacks

Distributing the Coursepack Link

The activation process creates a Coursepack Link, a URL you can distribute to students to give them access to the course materials. If your coursepack includes a simulation, especially if it includes a multi-player simulation, you must configure the simulation before sending the Coursepack Link to students. The Coursepack Link appears on the coursepack description page. You can copy + paste the link to your campus platform or include it with any course documentation such as the syllabus. To send the Coursepack Link through email:

  • Click Email Link to Students
  • In the To Address box, enter the email addresses for the students in the class. Use a semi-colon (;) to separate each email address
  • You can type a message in the Personal Note box to include any additional information or instructions you want to include with the email
  • Click Send
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