Managing and Configuring Simulations


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Managing and Configuring Simulations

After you activate a coursepack, you must configure any simulations in the coursepack. When students visit the Coursepack Link to acquire the course materials, they are automatically added to the list of users for the simulation.

  • For multi-player simulations, instructors must assign each student to a role
  • For multi-scenario simulations, instructors must assign each student to a scenario

Detailed instructions for configuring each simulation and for assigning roles and scenarios are provided in the Facilitator's Guide for each simulation. 

Why don't my students show up in the userlist of the simulation?

When students follow a coursepack link and import the coursepack, they are automatically pushed into the userlist of the simulation. However, if students import the coursepack link and the simulation is added to the courepack after they imported it, they will not automatically appear in the userlist and must click Run Simulation to appear. 

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